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Lil Wayne + Mountain Dew Sponsorship

"Earlier this week, the windows of the long-dormant 168 Bowery were dressed in a vinyl outfit featuring a long-maned character alongside a message that reads simply, “DEWeezy.” Rather cryptic, yet no doubt an ambitious attempt at a viral street campaign. Indeed, similar placements have appeared randomly across town in the last few days, causing Twitter spasms amongst confused users. After some research, Harlem blog Round Midnight reveals that this is nothing more than a purposely-ambiguous teaser campaign for an upcoming Lil Wayne-Mountain Dew sponsorship.

Entering the “DEWeezy” into Twitter returns numerous results referencing Austin music festival, South by Southwest. Apparently the synergistic partnership will be fully revealed there sometime next week…
As for the buzzword itself, it’s clever marketing – Mountain Dew (DEW) + Lil Wayne (Weezy).”

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Posted on Thursday, 8 March
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